31 Days to LESS!

Why hello there!

There’s something about summertime that makes me want to feel more free.  Maybe it’s because I live in the PNW where we see rain 8 months a year and feel so claustrophobic in my own home.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve been so inspired by the readings and videos of many “minimalists” – those who simply live their lives with less stuff.  It’s most likely a combination of both.  If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with a bunch of excess stuff lying around your home, or simply want to downsize, then I invite you to join me in my own 31 Days to Less challenge.

31 Days to Less.png

For the month of July, I plan to get rid of one item each day to help with de-cluttering my home and freeing my soul.  Now, I’m not talking about throwing away a single missing sock or a pen, I’m talking about getting rid of 31 significant items that I simply do not use and that have been collecting dust.  For example, a t-shirt I’ve told myself that I’d wear, but haven’t touched in two years.  A piece of wall art that I’ve promised myself that I’d put up, but still.  Or perhaps the collection of books I swore I was going to get to someday, but haven’t lifted a page in.  These are the types of items I’m talking about.  Items that are taking up space, cluttering your life, and could be donated to someone else who is much more in need of them.

Now, I’m not only doing this challenge to get rid of extra stuff.  I believe it really sets a mindset for living a more simplified and frugal life.  After all, a big reason why a lot of us are in debt is because we’ve always thought that “stuff” has made us happy, so what do we do?  We buy more stuff.  Getting out of that cycle, and inviting a sense of frugality into your own shopping habits can be key for getting out of debt, hence why I have decided to do this.  The only way I can start saving more money and paying off debt quicker is by having more money available to pay off those debts.  Make sense?

If this sounds like the dreary cycle you have fallen into or seems like something you are interested in, please join me on this journey!  Starting July 1, 2017, I encourage you to take a picture of the item you are getting rid of or donating, and posting it to your Instagram with the hashtag #31DaysToLess.  It will be fun to see all of the “junk” we’ve gotten rid of, and realize, we never really needed at all.  I really encourage you to donate your items that are still in good condition, as there are many people in need.  If it’s something like a shirt that has a hole in it (and you’re still wearing it because it’s your most favorite T ever!), I’d say it’s better off tossing.

So my friends, make some space for the next 31 days (or find some boxes/garbage bags) and be prepared to feel much lighter in the end!