Yes, I am still alive…sort of

Why hello there!

Wow, has it been a minute!  I sincerely apologize for my lack of….well…anything the last 4 months.  Life just doesn’t seem to slow down or get any less crazy, does it?

Well guess what?  I’m here to give you all a life update.  Not that any of you really cared or noticed that I haven’t written in FOREVER, however, I created this blog for the reason of being accountable, and yet, I haven’t stuck to that.

So, here I am.  Still alive, heart is still beating.  I’m definitely no less busy than I was 4 months ago, I just simply have an “easy” day at work today and felt a nudge inside of me, telling me to write on my blog!  Speaking of work, yes, I am still working full-time.  I am also still doing my MBA.  Currently, I’m in the second session of summer school and am taking a 6-week course currently in Productivity and Leadership, which is nonetheless, very interesting.  After this 6 weeks, I get three weeks off, and then start my last semester, EVER, of school in August.  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be getting so close to getting done.  I’m imaging a life full of blog posts in the future after school, but can’t promise anything :).

Life with a 2-year-old is still fun.  He’s sassy as ever, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Seeing such a young little human being absorb so much knowledge at such a young age is the most fascinating thing I swear.  Any parents out there know what I’m talking about.  Basically, I feel like I have a teenager in my home, but a cute one at that!


As far as finances, well, they’re about the same.  Unfortunately my net worth is not changing much due to the student loans that I’m currently taking out each semester for school.  I recently had a bad week and put a couple of hundred dollars on the credit card, something I NEVER do!  In fact, I only like having a credit card for emergencies, but apparently everything felt like an emergency this week, including running out of mascara….:/.   No, but seriously, I am a sucker for sales, people.  Of course I needed some more makeup, but it wasn’t a necessity until I received a 20% off coupon in my e-mail.  The same goes with a new duvet cover.  Granted, ours has had a broken zipper for about a year now, but it is still functional.  However, Macy’s just happened to be having a great sale on a linen duvet (which was originally $250!), which was only $80 after tax.  You know I had to take advantage of that.  And lastly, my child just put an almost-hole through his only pair of sneakers, so I of course had to get some new kicks for him.  Well, low and behold, Nordstrom Rack was having a great shoe sale, so I bought him….3 pairs of shoes so I didn’t have to think about it for a while.  Is this not an issue for you all too???  I will hold off on buying something, but the moment I get a coupon code or offer that seems like it’s now or never, I pursue those offers.  Thus, I ended up putting semi-emergency things on the credit card.  Not good.  I keep telling myself, “it’s only a couple hundred of dollars”, but that’s not the point.  If I don’t have the money, I shouldn’t be buying it.  Credit card debt is evil.  It starts with small purchases like this, and then the mindset of just putting “a little” on the credit card ends up to be a catastrophic amount.  I know I won’t fall victim to this, however, I’m really hoping to start the month of July on a good foot.  With my husband’s student loan payments going up next month (thanks to graduated loan payment options), and pre-school starting for my little guy in the fall (extra expense), I’ve got to get on the ball with my budget.  Things are going to get tighter, and it’s going to get harder to pay for “extra” things.

If any of you have any suggestions on how to start fresh or get back on track with finances, that has worked for you, please chime in!  I’m excited for a refreshing start!


If you’ve been following my Instagram account (fitandfinance), you will see that a majority of my extra time is spent in the gym.  Seriously guys, this is my most favorite part of the day, even at 5am!  I get up before work every morning to get some sweat dripping and some muscles pumping.  This really sets up my mindset and day for success.  Even when I am dead tired, something about starting to move really gets me awake, and by the end of my gym sessions, I am ready to conquer the day!

A lot of my focus lately has been both HIIT and weights.  I’m still trying to lose some pounds while toning up.  My diet has been okay.  I won’t say it’s been perfect, but I’ve definitely tried to make healthier choices and have been seeing some positive results because of this.  The hardest part is the end of the day when the sugar craving hits…I know you all feel me on that one.  Really, I am just trying to get into a lifestyle that I can sustain.  No crazy diets, no cutting out a certain type of food, and no hours and hours in the gym.  How long are my workouts?  Usually only about 45 minutes.  Seriously guys, I get in and get out, but I go hard with hardly any breaks.  For those with a busy lifestyle, I suggest HIIT any day.  My goal is to sit down and have consistent workout weeks so that I hit all body parts almost equally.  Right now, I’m really just guessing on which body parts to work out, so I want to get this hashed out and will post my schedule soon!

Stay tuned for more to come.  I will try and be better about updating this more frequently as time allows.

Have a great weekend friends!



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