Finally…an update!

Hello friends!

Wow, can I just say how fast the last couple of weeks have flown by??  I’m sure you are all feeling the same way.  Between a snow blizzard, school starting, and just the every day nuances, I hardly remember what the last 6 weeks was like since 2017 hit us!

For that reason, you can see, I’ve been quite MIA.  Honestly, time is not something I have a lot of these days.  This semester at school is HARD, and when I mean hard, I mean super duper time consuming.  Literally every second of free time that I have is dedicated to school right now, which is why I haven’t been able to write on here…priorities :/.  Anywho, I’m finding this few minutes of time to squeeze in and write an update on how my goals that I chatted about in my last post are going.

All-in-all, I’m actually doing better than I thought I would be.  I knew with school starting back up, that it would be tough to get to the gym and to eat healthy.  However, I’ll give myself a B on both of these categories, as I’ve really tried to make healthy decisions in stressful times.  Now I won’t say that I’ve been perfect, because let’s be honest, nobody is.  I’ve been making it to the gym about 3-4x/week.  My goal is atleast 5x, so we are getting there!  With eating, I’ve been trying to only buy healthy foods so that I have no excuses, and that’s been going pretty good.  I definitely can say that I’m consuming my fair share of coffee lately though.  I sure do love a good latte, but have been trying to stick with Americanos or just coffee and a bit of creamer. Team school meetings on weekends has really been cramping my food prep time, so I guess I’ll just need to find a different time/day to make that work again!


As for finances, I’m so, so happy for how things are going!  I actually just paid off one of my husband’s small undergrad loans with part of our tax return (roughly $700). We have been paying this thing for 7 years, and still have many student loans to pay off, but the baby steps are sooooo gratifying! P.S. I plan to write another post all about how we chose to spend our tax return money (or didn’t choose) since that always seems to be such an interesting topic among individuals and couples. We also just paid off one of my small student loans a few months ago, so we are finally seeing some relief in the funds department. Our plan of attack is similar to the Dave Ramsey snowball effect with a few small tweaks. I’m debating which loan to payoff next, whether it be our car loan (~$10,000) or my smallest school loan (~$8,000). I know Dave Ramsey would say the smaller of the two, however, with a much larger car payment than the school loan payment, the car maybe the better choice since I would be almost doubling the payment, and thus, freeing up so much more money when it’s done to tackle other debts. I will update you more on the decision process as I’m trying to figure out the best strategical choice!


That’s about it for this quick update! Until next time, please let me know if there is a certain method that you use to pay off your debts.

QUESTION TO YOU:  What method do you use to pay down your debts? 




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