Hello my friends (that is, if anyone is even reading this),

Okay, so let me be completely honest right now. I am both terrified and excited that I am writing this blog post right now. I have been dabbling with blogging for many years, as I love to write, but have never had enough courage to put something out into the world for others to see, except when I documented a fitness challenge a few years back for a few short months. I believe blogging about my experience and journey through my challenge is why I succeeded and became a lot more fit after having a baby, as I had many people watching me and keeping me accountable for my actions. That is why I have decided to do it all over again, but this time not just with fitness, but with MONEY too.

Of course, like many people, two of my new year’s resolutions are to be more fit and save money. I say this EVERY year, and yet I still fall into ruts of crappy eating and buying junk that I don’t need (it’s Target’s fault…). I feel like fitness and money, although two very different things, abide by similar principles– hence the blog name Fit & Finance. By planning out my meals and not eating out or stopping to buy coffee on a whim, I will not only be helping out my physical state, but also my wallet. Learning to be in control of my money is very similar to being in control of what I eat. Neither are easy to do, yet they both provide amazing results if you can stick with a plan, and it puts you in a better place in the long run.


So, with that all said, this blog is my accountability partner for both my fitness and my finances in the new year. A place where I can document my days of frustration (because I’m sure there will be many knowing I can’t go to Target every weekend to peruse the aisles or stop by Starbucks for a creamy latte) and my small victories. Not only will this blog provide me the accountability that I need, but it will also allow me to write about two of my favorite hobbies. Yes, I love working out and being active. I also love to eat though, but have fun experimenting with healthier recipes and swapping for better choices. And yes, I love financial-related things. Not necessarily the actual physicality of money, or stocks and bonds and those complicated aspects of money, but the organization of it. In other words, I love budgeting! In recent years, I have really delved into the personal finance world. I love listening to podcasts, reading books, and mostly, reading blogs and websites all about this topic. I have been doing the same with fitness for many, many years.

Now that you know a little bit more about my reason for this blog and want to find out a little bit more about me and my background, check out the About Me section above.

What’s Next?

In my next post, I will go into a little more detail about how I plan to start the new year out with a bang. I’m really looking forward to a clean start and a new perspective on my health and spending habits and seeing where this blogging journey takes me.


“Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it.”



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